Welcome to the USADR's web site. Now just what is the USADR and why does it exist. First, the USADR is an organizational governing body, that recognizes individual ranking status in martial arts training. Why does it exist? We exist for those martial artists, who are tired of paying huge amounts of monies for a piece of paper. We exist for those that are frustrated with a mountain of politics and favortism. We exist for those that have been orphaned, due to a plethora of circumstances, and have no viable place, to continue their martial arts journey, within a structured acceptance of an organizational entity. 

The USADR is open to every discipline. Now you ask, how can we recognize and issue ranking status to every discipline? A fair question and here's our response. First, anyone wishing to be recognized by the USADR, must submit a copy of the higest ranking awarded (forward a certificate that validates training). We will then make every effort to review and research the issuing authority of that certification. In other words, don't make up a bogus cert and attempt to pass it off as genuine. We have a very high success rate of disproving these offerings. 

OK, you still don't see how we can justify this position. Well, if the training is verified, then we assess a fairly standard time in grade selection for advancement. Lets face some facts in this regard. The vast majority of disciplines have little or no real extensive new material to teach, after 1st or 2nd Dan level. Now they will tell you that that's not true, but if we look at it closely, with the exception of some new forms (one each for the next rank), the only "new training" is just a rehash of what has been originally learned, along with extranous add on's to the core curriculum. Now not with standing, if you don't know your core curriculum, then you surely won't know how to make the adaptions, that are billed as new and continued upward training. So we choose to go a more direct route, and that is a time in grade platform. Every discipline has some elements of this, but as we all know, not everyone has to follow it.

So what are our TIG requirements? From 1st to 2nd Dan - 1yr TIG / 2nd to 3rd - 2 yrs TIG / 3rd to 4th - 3yrs TIG / for all additional grades over 4th - 3 yrs TIG. It is felt that these time lines offer accepted vailidity for rank growth.

I'm sure, we have all seen some folks from the bigger organizations, that have left a lot to be desired, both in character and physical abilities. This just goes to show, that everything is subjective, as long as the check clears. We don't pass judgement on abilities, for we've seen some super athletic individuals get their butts handed to them and conversly, we've seen the over weight out of shape, barely fit in the dobok/gi folks clean the floor with opponents.

So, just how much does it cost to be part of the USADR? Well, you won't have to get a second mortage. Our fee's our nominal. We have a flat fee of $25.00 for registration of current rank. With that, you receive a USADR certificate and addition to our public rank verification registry. Any additional upgradings are at the same price, $25.00 per Dan ranking. (If you have a lengthy time frame between your current rank and via TIG, should be at a much higher rank, we will upgrade your ranking status to the highest level the TIG dictates and will only charge an additional $5.00 per certificate, not the $25.00 fee. NOTE: This special fee only applies to new applications seeking TIG upgrading. Normal $25.00 fee applies, for the standard single upgrade, after you have been a member and your TIG has been reached from your initial date of application.) So if your currently at 2nd Dan and you have suffucient TIG to attain 5th Dan, then your cost factor would be $25.00 for initial 2nd Dan registration, $5.00 @ for 3rd and 4th and 5th, total cost for registration and a 3 step increase would be $40.00. That's the entire costs for USADR membership. We have no charges for school charters, masters classes, DVD's, student enrollments or any other money draining options one could think up. Additionally, there is no annual renewal fee. Your initial membership fee is for a lifetime.

If you feel that the USADR is an organization for you, then we'll hear from you. If you feel the opposite, then we wish you a fruitful journey in your martial arts endeavors.